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  • Polish Jews Indict War Criminals Responsible for Mass Murders

    The names of the ten men who head the list of German war criminals whose punishment will be demanded by the Jews of Poland after hostilities cease were made public today together with descriptions of the crimes with which they are charged. Addressing a press conference, attended by “Edward Warsawski,” a survivor of the Warsaw… More ▸

  • 15,000 Jewish Force Laborers Brought to Arsap After Liquidation of Ghetto

    Fifteen-thousand Jews were quartered in the ruins of the Warsaw ghetto as of July 1, having been brought there from other parts of Poland for slave labor, after all the original residents were either murdered or deported at the conclusion of the battle in the ghetto in April, according to a report from the Polish… More ▸

  • Fierce Battles Between Jews and Gestapo Units Raging in Lodz and Bialystok

    Thousands of Jews and many Germans are reported today to have been killed in street battles in the Polish cities of Lodz and Bialystok, where the German authorities last week began “liquidating” nearly half a million ghetto residents, consisting mostly of Jews deported from Western Europe and Nazi-occupied Soviet territory. At Lodz, the report said,… More ▸

  • Polish Government Paper Publishes Eye-witness Accounts of Liquidation of Ghettos

    A series of eye-witness accounts of the liquidation of several large ghettos in Poland is published today in Dziennik Polski, official organ of the Polish Government-in-Exile. In the city of Sandomierz, in the Lublin district of central Poland, one report states, Ukrainian detachments of the Nazi S.S. troops broke into the ghetto at four o’clock… More ▸

  • New Pogroms on Jews Throughout Poland; Nazis “liquidate” Ghettos in Many Cities

    Practically all the remaining Jewish ghettos in Nazi-occupied Poland are now being “liquidated,” following the procedure used in Warsaw, and tens of thousands of Jews are being mercilessly slaughtered while others are attempting to flee into the neighboring woods in the hope of escaping extermination. Information reaching the Polish Government here today from the underground… More ▸

  • Embattled Warsaw Jews Fly Flags of Britain, Poland, Russia from Ghetto Buildings

    The first detailed, eye-witness account of the uprising by the remnants of the Warsaw ghetto against the German extermination squads that came to conduct them to execution centers between Warsaw and Bialystok, was received here today by the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee from underground groups in Poland. From the highest buildings in the ghetto, the embattled… More ▸

  • Nazi Atrocities in Lwow Described by Eye-witness; All Synagogues Set Afire

    The systematic brutality with which the Nazis reduced the Jewish population of the city of Lwow, Poland, from 160,000 to 10,000 in the spece of little more than a year, was related here by Arthur Rotenstroikin, a 40-year-old bank employee who succeeded in fleeing from the Nazi-occupied city several months ago to Kharkov, where he… More ▸

  • Three Large Camps for Jews in Poland; Gestapo Starts Manhunt on All Frontiers

    Three large labor camps for Polish Jews have been established by the Nazis at Lublin, Ausschwitz and Birkenau, a report reaching here today disclosed. Jewish men and women from all parts of Poland are being driven to these camps, and assigned to difficult physical labor, the report said, adding that “the greatest rate of mortality… More ▸

  • Cracow Ghetto is “judenrein,” American Renegade Broadcaster in Berlin Reports

    The Jewish ghetto in Cracow, into which thousands of Jews were driven several months ago when the Nazis adopted the policy of making most Polish towns “Judenrein” and concentrating the Jews in a few large cities, is now completely empty, according to a broadcast from Berlin today by “Paul Revers,” renegade American who has been… More ▸