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  • Eight of Nuremberg Defendants Charged with Direct Responsibility for Murder of Jews

    Eight of the 20 top Nazis being tried before the international military tribunal were charged today with direct complicity in the anti-Jewish atrocities carried out by the Germans. The accusation was levelled against Hans Frank, Alfred Rosenberg, Julius Streicher, Baldur von Schirach, Fritz Saukel, Wilhelm Frick, Col. Gen. Alfred Jodl and Rudolf Hess by French… More ▸

  • “butcher of Majdanek” Executed in Poland, Warsaw Radio Announces

    The Warsaw radio today announced that Paul Hoffman, called the “Butcher of Majdanek,” has been executed. He was charged with responsibility for the mass-killing of hundreds of thousands of Jews and Poles in the notorious extermination camp which the Nazis established at Majdanek during their occupation of Poland. More ▸

  • Jews in Poland Protest “mildness” of Sentences Imposed at Belsen Trial

    A sharp attack on the “mildness” of the verdicts issued by the British military court at Luencburg, which tried Josef Kramer and his S.S. associates, was issued here today by the Central Committee of Polish Jews, which pointed out that only nine of the 45 defendants received death sentences. Persons found guilty of crimes in… More ▸

  • Allied Indictment Charges Nazi Leaders with Extermination of 5,700,000 Jews in Europe

    The first public session of the International War Crimes Tribunal opened in Berlin today with the presentation by the Allied prosecutors of a 35,000-word indictment, charging twenty-four top Nazi leaders and the German High Command with various crimes against humanity and placing squarely upon them the guilt for the extermination of 5,700,000 Jews in Europe… More ▸

  • Poland Drafting Law Against Anti-semitism, Attorney General Reports in London

    The Polish Government in Warsaw is drafting a law making anti-Jewish incitement a punishable offense, Dr. George Sawicki, Atterney General of Poland and chief prosecutor at the trial of the Nazis who murdered 1,500,000 Jews and others at Majdanek, revealed today at a press conference arranged by the Allied War Crimes Commission. Dr. Sawicki attributed… More ▸

  • German Plan to Kill All Jews in Theresienstadt Thwarted by Rapid Advance of Red Army

    A German plan to kill all Jews in Theresidenstadt in special “gas chambers” was foiled almost at the last minute, the London Times reports today in a letter from Theresienstadt. The letter reveals that “bathing establishments” for gassing the interned Jews had already been prepared, but the doors for these chambers were returned three times… More ▸

  • Lublin Government Demands Extradition of Majdanek Camp Commandant to Poland

    The Lublin radio today demanded the extradition to Poland of the commandant of the notorious Majdanek camp where hundreds of thousands of Jews were gassed and burned to death. The commandant, a Gestapo leader named Tumann, is now in the hands of the British. “It is imperative that prior to his execution he should face… More ▸