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Moshe Sharett

  • Mapai Renews Efforts to Induce Sharett to Become Speaker of Knesset

    New efforts were made here today to get Moshe Sharett, former Premier and Foreign Minister to accept the post of Speaker of the Knesset. The move to fill the chair began officially right after a memorial session of the Knesset for the late Joseph Sprinzak. In addition to the Mapai, whose leadership is reportedly pressing… More ▸

  • Sharett Reported Unwilling to Accept Post of Speaker of Knesset

    Moshe Sharett, former Premier and Foreign Minister, who has been mentioned frequently as the next Speaker of the Knesset, to succeed the late Joseph Sprinzak, will not accept the position, the Jerusalem Post reported today. The Post also declared that Premier David Ben Gurion has privately expressed support for Mr. Sharett’s candidacy. More ▸

  • Sharett Tells Israelis Not to Indulge in Criticism Against U.S. Jews

    Israeli appeals for increased emigration of American Jews to this country should be based on positive aspects, rather than on negative criticism of American Jewish life, Moshe Sharett declared here today. The former Prime Minister and ex-Foreign Minister made that statement in an address to a meeting of the Mapai Party, reporting on his recent… More ▸

  • Sharett Suggests Israel Policy on Domestic, Foreign Issues

    In the face of the present dangerous conditions in the Middle East, Israel must be prepared to make peace with any Arab neighbor at any moment, Moshe Sharett, former Israeli Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, declared here last night. He was the principal speaker at the opening session of a two-day general assembly of the… More ▸

  • Sharett Says Israeli People Will Help Pay Immigrant Costs

    Israel is floating among its own people a voluntary loan of 20,000,000 Israeli pounds ($11,000,000) to help support an anticipated influx of new immigrants, Moshe Sharett, former Israel Foreign Minister, announced here last night. Mr. Sharett made his announcement in an address at a dinner on behalf of the sale of Israel bonds. So far,… More ▸

  • Sharett Arrives in U.S. Today; Will Spend Month to Aid Bond Drive

    Former Prime Minister Moshe Sharett of Israel will arrive at Idlewild Airport tomorrow aboard El Al Israel Airlines for an intensive one month coast-to-coast tour in behalf of the Israel bond drive. Mr. Sharett, who also served as Israel’s first Foreign Minister, has taken a leading role in the Israel bond drive on previous visits… More ▸

  • J. N. F. to Hold Biennial Conference in New York; Sharett to Speak

    Moshe Sharett, former Foreign Minister and Premier of the State of Israel, will be guest speaker at the three-day biennial conference of the Jewish National Fund of America which will open on November 7 at the Statler Hotel here, Dr. Harris J. Levine, president of the JNF, announced today. This will mark the first appearance… More ▸

  • Haganah Decoration Provokes Disputes in Israel; Sharett Feels Slighted

    A Haganah decoration, giving official recognition to the pre-state Jewish defense force, was the center of a heated dispute today which involved not only leaders of the one-time Herut underground organization but also leaders of Mapai who had been active in the formation and direction of the Haganah. Members of the right wing Herut, political… More ▸

  • Situation in Lebanon is Fraught with Danger, Sharett Warns Parley

    The present situation in Lebanon is fraught with danger, Moshe Sharett, former Prime Minister of Israel, today warned the Council of the Socialist International which is meeting here. The Council adopted a resolution calling for international guarantees for the borders of the Middle Eastern states, including Israel, and for the launching of large-scale development projects… More ▸

  • Sharett Attacks the Soviet Premier for His Anti-jewish Allegations

    The anti-Jewish sentiments expressed by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev in his recent statement to the Paris newspaper Le Figaro were sharply denounced here last night by Moshe Sharett, former Premier of Israel, in an address at a mass meeting of immigrants from Russia held here. Speaking in Russian, Mr. Sharett expressed astonishment that such statements… More ▸