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  • Birthday haiku for Michelle Trachtenberg

     Michelle Trachtenberg, later years. Could this really be the same girl who mistook a urinal for a footwash in ‘Pete and Pete?’ (covlanz718, CC BY-ND 2.0) **** From ‘Nick’ to ‘Gossip,’ another nice Jewish girl grows up, loses wings **** Happy birthday Michelle Trachtenberg (26). When I was a kid, your TV roles were so… More ▸

  • TeenNick’s 90s comeback – All That Jews!

    Ever since Nickelodeon announced that they are bringing back their popular 1990s shows for a nostalgic rerun on the TeenNick channel, the web has been oozing with green slime, from people in their mid 20s sharing their love for the worry-less decade and its children programming masterpieces.
    Ahh, the 90s. What a great decade.
    MTV still had music, AOL was still cool, Dennis Rodman was a pop culture idol, Clinton was in charge and television was great, especially for teenagers. Since we didn’t have the internet , we didn’t really know much, except for what we learned when we were watching TV. And we watched a lot of it, especially Nickelodeon.
    But what not many of us knew, is how much Jewish influence those shows had.
    Hope your green slime is Kosher, because 6noBacon prepared a list of everything that’s Jewish about 90s Nick! More ▸