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  • Russia Repatriates 3,000 Czechoslovak Jews Liberated from Gestapo Camp in Poland

    A transport of 3,000 Czechoslovakian Jewish survivors from the notorious Oswiecim camp arrived yesterday in the liberated Czechoslovakian town of Kosice, it was reported here today. They travelled on Soviet trains. Transports of Rumanian Jews repatriated by the Soviet authorities from Transnistria to Rumania are arriving daily via Jassy and Galatza. They are being met… More ▸

  • 2,000 Transylvanian Jews, Liberated from Oswiecim, Brought to Their Homes for Passover

    More than 2,000 Jewish survivors from the notorious Oswiecim concentration camp will celebrate Passover in their home towns in Northern Transylvania from where they were deported when that part of Transylvania was annexed by the pro-Nazi Hungarian regime. The liberated group reached Transylvania today from Poland, on special trains sent by the Rumanian Government. Another… More ▸

  • Rumania Sends Trains to Poland to Bring Back Liberated Transylvanian Jews

    The Rumanian Gevernment today announced that special trains will be sent to Cracow, Western Poland, to bring back to their home towns about 12,000 Transylvanian Jews who were liberated by Russian troops from the notorious Nazi concentration camp at Oswiecim and who are now in Cracow awaiting repatriation. Evidence presented yesterday at the trial of… More ▸

  • First of 70,000 Greek Jews Deported by Nazis Return to Ateens

    Radio Athens today reported that the first of the 70,000 Greek Jews carried off by the Germans to concentration camps in the Reich and in Poland has returned to the Greek capital from a camp in Southern Poland after being Liberated by the Russians. Only 300 of the 2,000 Greek Jews who were in the… More ▸

  • Ruhanian Prime Minister Promises That All Transylvanian Jews Will Be Repatriated

    Prime Minister Groza of Rumania today received the correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and assured him that all possible measure would be taken by the Rumanian Government to bring back to their homes all the surviving Jews of Northern Transylvania who were deported to the notorious Oswiecim camp in Poland, as well as Transylvanian… More ▸

  • 400 Jews from Oswiecim Camp Reach Rumania; 6,000 Repatriated Jews Hold Conference

    About 400 Jews who were deported from Hungary to the notorious Oswioceim camp today reached the Rumanian city of Arad. They were among the first large group liberated from the camp by the Russian troops. Six thousand Transylvanian Jews who have returned from Germany, of the 140,000 deported there, held a conference in Klausenberg over… More ▸

  • Jews in Slovakia Emerge from Hiding Places; Some Return from Oswiecim Camp

    An increasing number of Jews are emerging from their hiding places in Slovakia and a number of Slovakian Jews have returned to the liberated part of the country from the notorious Oswiecim camp, it was reported here today by the National Council of Jews of Czechoslovakia on the basis of reliable information reaching the office… More ▸

  • Jewish Survivors from Oswiecim Camp Arrive in Bucharest; Others Reach Budapest

    A group of 44 Jewish survivors from the Oswiecim “extermination camp” arrived here today, including a number of Jews who wore deported by the Germans from paris and Brussels. At the same time, it was reported here today from Budapest that several groups of Jewish survivors have reached there from Oswiecim. One of the survivors… More ▸