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  • Carpathian Jewish Leader Arrives in Rumania, Says Only 3,000 Jews Survive

    Not a single rabbi survived in the Carpathian part of Czechoslovakia which was occupied by the Hungarians and which has been liberated by the Russiam Army, Zvi Weisz, president of the Union of Jewish Communities of Carpatho-Ukraine, declared upon his arrival here today. “There were 110,000 Jews in the territory at the beginning of 1942,… More ▸

  • Yugoslav War Crimes Commission Reports on Extermination of Jews at Oswiecim

    The Yugoslav War Crimes Commission has indicted Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler, a Nazi named Schwartz who was chief of the Oswiecim death camp, and several supervisors at the camp, charging them with responsibility for the extermination of 2,500,000 persons, mainly Jews, from the time the camp was established until October, 1943, the New Yugoslav Telegraph… More ▸

  • 9,000 Czech Jews Sent from Lodz Ghetto to Death Camp; Children Torn from Mothers

    Of 9,000 Czech Jews deported to the Lodz ghetto only nine remain, the correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency was told today by one of the survivors, Issa Stern-Hoffman, a Prague journalist, whose father, a prominent Czech Jewish Newspaperman, is attached to the Czech section of the British Broadcasting Corporation, She believes. The Czech Jews… More ▸

  • Only 800 Jews Survive in Lodz; 70,000 Killed by Germans Since Russian Offensive

    of the 250,000 Jews who resided in Lodz before the war, and the tens of thousands who were sent here from all parts of occupied Europe, only 800 survive, the correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency found upon arriving in this industrial center today. From survivors, the correspondent learned that the Germans had sent almost… More ▸

  • Hundreds of Thousands of Jews in Hungary Exterminated by Pogroms and Deportations

    The first authentic report on the situation of the Jews in Budapest and other sections of Hungary since last March, when the German Army occupied the country, reached here today. The report was smuggled out of Budapest several days ago. “The Germans,” the report says, “entered Hungary on March 21, 1944 and immediately started the… More ▸

  • War Refugee Board Releases Report on Extermination of Millions of Jews in Nazi Camps

    The Executive Office of the President through the War Refugee Board today made public two eye-witness reports of the horrible and barbarous events which occurred in the two notorious extermination camps — Auschwitz (Oswiecim) and Brikenau — in Upper Silesia. The sixty-page horror story, containing details and statistics of the murders in these camps, is… More ▸