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Palestine Labor Federation

  • Palestine Jews Strike; Silent Parade in Tel Aviv; Arabs Hail Edict

    Jews throughout Palestine stopped work today in protest against the newly-announced measures restricting their right to purchase land, while Arabs hailed the regulations by dancing in the streets of Jaffa, predominant Arab port city. An impressive silent demonstration was staged in Tel Aviv, all-Jewish city neighboring Jaffa, where large crowds of worshippers throned the Great… More ▸

  • Refugees’ Adjustment Described at Pioneer Women’s Parley

    The adjustment of women refugees from Central andEasternEurope to a life of pioneering in Palestine was described tonight to the seventh national convention of the Pioneer Women’s Organization at Hotel Pennsylvania by Dr. May Baer, of Palestine. Miss Mary Anderson, director of the Women’s Bureau of the United States Department of Labor, told the 300… More ▸

  • $1,000,000 Drive to Aid Labor Movement in Palestine Launched Here

    A campaign for $1,000,000 to aid the Jewish labor movement in Palestine as well as institutions supported by the Histadruth was launched today by the National Labor Committee for Palestine following a meeting of the national council of the organization attended by delegates from various labor unions and Zionist labor groups Baruch Zuckerman, who recently… More ▸

  • Mizrachi Urges Zionist Congress to Finance Religious Education

    A resolution demanding that the Zionist Congress support religious education and observances in Palestine was adopted last night at the closing session of Mizrachi’s twentieth annual convention, held at the Breakers Hotel. The resolution asked the forthcoming congress to exclude from its budget non-religious national educational institutions. The congress is also asked to revoke the… More ▸

  • Unemployment Fund in Palestine Put at $550,000

    The unemployment fund of the Palestine Labor Federation has reached £113,000 (about $550,000), it was disclosed yesterday at a meeting of the Tel Aviv and Jaffa Labor Council. This represents an increase of £73,000 (about $360,000) since the end of 1935. More ▸

  • New Rift Looms in Palestine Labor Ranks

    An old breach in the ranks of the Palestine labor movement along religious lines, thought healed last year by the World Zionist Congress, gave signs today of reopening at the international convention of the Agudath Israel, world orthodox Jewish organization. Informing the delegates of a decision by the Poel Mizrachi, orthodox labor Zionist group, to… More ▸

  • Britain Reports to League on Palestine Administration

    The British Government made public today its report to the League of Nations on its administration of Palestine under the League’s mandate during 1935. Rendering account of its stewardship of the troubled Holy Land, the report analyzes the current restlessness, ascribing it in part to the contagion of the Italo-Ethiopian war and the Egyptian unrest… More ▸

  • Jewish Death Toll Now at 25 in Palestine; Arabs Slay Catholic

    Mistaking him for a Jew, Arabs early this morning shot and killed an Austrian Catholic during a foray into the Jewish quarter’s Street of the Prophets. The Arabs escaped. The victim, Karl Breitinger, 45, had been in Palestine eighteen months. Tanks and armored cars patrolled various districts in northern and southern Palestine today following a… More ▸

  • 2 Arabs Killed, 39 Wounded in Clashes with Palestine Police

    Two Arabs were killed today and at least thirty-nine reported wounded in clashes with police arising from demonstrations in Jaffa, Hebron, Safed, Nablus, Beisan and Acre as an anti-Jewish campaign of civil disobedience went into effect throughout the country. Two Arabs were killed at Jaffa and twenty-five wounded when police opened fire on 10,000 Arabs… More ▸

  • Jewish State Party Asks American Intervention for National Home

    Under instruction from its first national convention, the Jewish State Party of America prepared today to seek American intervention in behalf of the Jewish National home on the basis of the convention between the United States and Great Britain in 1925, which makes the U.S. a party to the Palestine mandate. A resolution adopted at… More ▸