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Persian Gulf

  • PLO Rejects Charge Iraq is Trying to Populate Kuwait with Palestinians

    The Palestine Liberation Organization has expressed ” astonishment” and “indignation ” over a statement last week by Belgian Foreign Minister Mark Eyskens that implied Iraq may be trying to set up a Palestinian state in Kuwait. The PLO, headquartered in Tunisia, sent a formal protest to the Belgian ambassador there through its envoy, Hakam Balaoui,… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups Press U.S. to Offset Saudi Sale with Extra Aid for Israel

    American Jewish groups are deeply concerned about a new $20 billion U.S. arms package to Saudi Arabia. But they will not oppose it if the Bush administration counters by boosting weapons transfers to Israel, pro-Israel activists say. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations warned this week that the unprecedented sale would “further… More ▸

  • Iraq More Likely to Attack Ships Than Saudi Arabia, Experts Now Say

    Iraq is strengthening its forces in Kuwait and on the Turkish border, but it shows no intention of invading Saudi Arabia, security officials told Israel’s Cabinet on Sunday. The experts voiced their fear that the longer the Persian Gulf crisis continues, the more chance there is that the United States may lose the support of… More ▸

  • Army Denies Advising Jewish Troops in Saudi Arabia to Conceal Dog Tags

    Some American soldiers in Saudi Arabia may have been advised by superiors to hide dog tags identifying themselves as Jews, but the advice was not on orders from the Pentagon or the Saudi kingdom, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney said Thursday. “Some uninformed individual down the chain of command in the organization may have told a… More ▸

  • Jews Among U.S. Forces in Saudi Arabia Despite the Kingdom’s Exclusion Policy

    Despite Saudi Arabia’s official policy of refusing entry to Jews, the Pentagon says Jewish soldiers and chaplains are being sent there with U.S. forces to repel any Iraqi invasion. “No one is taken out of a unit because of religion. Units go as units,” Pentagon public affairs spokesman Tom Green said in Washington. Another Pentagon… More ▸

  • Iraqi Troops Told Target Was Israel, Says Man Claiming to Be Kuwaiti Prince

    Iraqi troop who invaded Kuwait on Aug. 2 thought they were on a training exercise preparing “to conquer Israel,” according to a man who identified himself as a member of the Kuwaiti royal family in telephone interview Wednesday with Israel Radio. The troops were surprised to find themselves occupying a neighboring Arab country, according to… More ▸

  • Israel Views Iraq-kuwait Standoff with Vigilance but No Panic

    Israel, keeping a close watch on the dispute between Iraq and Kuwait, has opted for vigilance without panic, Foreign Minister David Levy told the Knesset on Wednesday, as the chances of a military showdown in the Persian Gulf seemed to recede. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, former Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin contradicted an observation by his successor,… More ▸

  • Jewish Groups Will Not Fight $4 Billion Saudi Weapons Sale

    Citing the absence of a clear direct threat to Israel, Jewish groups will not fight a $4 billion proposed U.S. weapons sale to Saudi Arabia, the largest to the kingdom since the sale of AWACS reconnaissance planes in 1981. “There is probably not going to be a big fight over it,” said Jess Hordes, Washington… More ▸