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  • “Godspell” is god-awful

    Poor Stephen Schwartz. Did no one tell him that 1971 was four decades ago, and that people have moved on from Bible-thumping musical numbers? Apparently not, since he’s finding out the hard way. After a long break in its Broadway run (the last original showing was on September 4th, 1977) Schwartz’s “Godspell” returns to a… More ▸

  • Bill Lawrence defends Zach Braff

    A war of snark is heating up over at New York Magazine. Last week, Scott Brown wrote a pretty nasty review of Zach Braff’s new play, “All New People,” focusing more on hating Braff than on the merits of his new work. (Note to Brown: baseless Braff hatred was so 2004.) Well, Bill Lawrence, creator… More ▸