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reproductive rights

  • As Court Considers Schiavo Case, Jews Turn to Halachah for Guidance

    As a U.S. federal court considers whether to reconnect Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube, Jewish scholars are turning to halachah, or Jewish religious law, for guidance on the issue. Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged Florida woman whose parents and husbands have been in battling in state and now federal courts for more than a decade, is the… More ▸

  • Cases on Evolution Expose Rifts Between Orthodox and Liberal

    When a federal judge in Georgia ruled last week that a local school board’s decision to put a small sticker on its science textbooks labeling evolution “a theory, not a fact” was unconstitutional, Jeffrey Selman said it was primarily an American issue. Still, he said, he could not help but view it through the lens… More ▸

  • Looking Ahead to Bush’s New Term, Groups See Showdown over Abortion

    Jewish groups are hoping to enlist rabbis in the struggle to ensure that abortion rights are not eroded during President Bush’s second term. A coalition of organizations, led by the National Council of Jewish Women, is asking rabbis across the country to sign a letter that would be sent to U.S. senators if a new… More ▸

  • As Congress Returns from Break, Eyes Are on Key Committee Leaders

    After a lengthy pause for the presidential election, Congress is preparing for an ambitious legislative session that is expected to touch on many of the Jewish community’s domestic and foreign policy priorities. No major legislative work is expected to occur before President Bush is inaugurated Jan. 20. The next few weeks will be spent seeking… More ▸

  • Support for Bush on Moral Values Has Many Jewish Officials Worried

    It’s like one of those family fights that devolves into shouts of “You just don’t get it.” Conservative Christians wonder if “blue-state” voters — those in states that went Democratic — get the values that drove them to the polls in unprecedented numbers to re-elect George W. Bush. People who voted for John Kerry —… More ▸

  • Election to House Caps Fast Ascent for Florida Woman Seen As Rising Star

    When Debbie Wasserman Schultz first walked into the Florida House of Representatives as a legislator, she was 26 and most of her colleagues were old enough to be her parents and grandparents. In January, when she walks into the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, she likely will be in the same boat. But she’s… More ▸