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  • Chabad of Thailand Sponsors Toy Drive for Young Tsunami Victims

    The unrelenting drizzle turned clean-pressed shirts into sodden rags and transformed the potholed asphalt ground below the open-air festival into an archipelago of ankle-deep wading pools. But no amount of water could dampen the spirits of the 500 or so children from southern Thailand’s tsunami-ravaged villages who gathered one day in early May for fun… More ▸

  • News Brief

    A Torah portion and a love of Belgian chocolate inspired a Bat Mitzvah present from a girl in suburban Chicago. Karly Brint and her family, members of the Am Shalom synagogue in Glencoe, Ill., donated the Torah to the International Jewish Center in Brussels in honor of Karly’s Bat Mitzvah, scheduled for Feb. 26. The… More ▸

  • Jews Make Way at Prep Schools, Historically Bastions of Blue Blood

    Muffy and Biff aren’t exactly making way for Hannah and Shlomo at America’s prep schools, but Jewish life is making its presence felt at these long-standing bastions of WASP-dom. Sometimes it just happens in odd ways. Matthew Feldberg launched the Jewish club at the Stevenson School in Pebble Beach, Calif., as a joke. Annoyed that… More ▸

  • Tackling the ‘december Dilemma,’ by Teaching Children Both Their Faiths

    The “December Dilemma” — the annual tug-of-war between Christmas and Chanukah played out in streets and living rooms across America — provokes sighs and consternation in many Jewish homes. But nine Chicago kids in The Family School’s sixth-grade class here don’t find it at all confusing. “I like celebrating both,” says Sarah Liebreich, 11, who,… More ▸

  • For Women of Different Faiths, a Dilemma: What’s Modest Dress?

    Though much else separates them, religious women of Muslim, Christian and Jewish backgrounds struggle with similar issues related to their clothing. According to Devora Zlochower, an Orthodox woman who directs the Drisha Institute for Jewish Education, the Hebrew term tzniut, translated as "modesty," comes from a biblical verse stating that man should "walk humbly with… More ▸

  • America Decides 2004 12-year-old Dazzles Delegates, Hometown Shul with Convention Speech

    SAN FRANCISCO, July 28 — When Pauline Moreno watched 12-year-old Ilana Wexler win over the crowd at the Democratic National Convention, she couldn’t help but smile. “That’s it, she just sealed her bat mitzvah,” joked the president of Berkeley’s Conservative Congregation Netivot Shalom, where the Wexler family are active members. After all, which is more… More ▸

  • Many Jews Flock to Bay State As Gay Marriage Law Takes Effect

    It was late on a Sunday night, but Laura Moskowitz and Robin Shore were lined up outside Cambridge City Hall, waiting for the doors to open. The two Jewish women — parents of a daughter who will have her Bat Mitzvah in November — were among the first applicants for a same-sex marriage license under… More ▸

  • Amid Abuse Reports, Conservatives Issue New Guidelines on Harassment

    Moving to combat reported sexual harassment and abuse in Conservative synagogues, the movement’s congregational body is issuing a new set of guidelines to deal with the problem. The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism unveiled the non-binding guidelines on its Web site last week in response to what Rabbi Jerome Epstein, the organization’s executive vice president,… More ▸