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  • The ADL didn’t think Seth Macfarlane was very funny

    Some of us chuckled– giggled at most– to Seth Macfarlane’s sexist, racist jokes at the Oscars last night, but the anti-Defamation League’s Abe Foxman certainly did not. The organization sent out a press release this morning calling Macfarlane’s Ted bit “offensive and not remotely funny,” referring to the part where the teddy bear from the 2012 film, “Ted” came… More ▸

  • Top ten Jewish moments from last night’s Oscars

    by Uri Fintzy
    Hollywood came together last night to pat itself on the back for the 85th time, and although the Jewish king of film, Steven Spielberg, failed to bring yet another trophy after “Lincoln” lost to “Argo,” and Israel was once again on the losing spot (though not to Iran like last year, if you want to look on the bright side), we were able to find ten Jewish moments even without Billy Crystal hosting.
    Here are the top ten Jewisn moments from last night’s Oscars:
    10. William Shatner appeared as a grumpy Captain Kirk for the opening bit.
    For fans of Seth MacFarlane, the show’s host, the cameo of Shatner as his memorable “Star Trek” character did not come as a surprise, as MacFarlane is known as an avid “Trekkie.” The best thing about his appearance was his constant criticism of the host, which led to the the wonderful sock puppet rendition of the film “Flight.”
    Oscars 2013 – Opening Number With Seth… by IdolxMuzic
    9. Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon Levitt danced together
    The two young Jewish heartthrobs danced together with MacFarlane in a tribute to the film “High Hopes,” and later took this adorable backstage photo.

    Apparently the two can dance, and apparently Radcliffe, who was known to be a short guy, is like really really short. And speaking of short people: More ▸

  • 13 Jewish Gibes on ‘Family Guy’

    Were you upset by the letter “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane sent to Emmy voters, calling them “bloated, overprivileged Brentwood Jews” and urging them to consider nominating his show for the Outstanding Comedy Series category?
    Then you probably don’t watch that much “Family Guy,” because jokes on the expense of the chosen people happen there all the time. The Jews shouldn’t feel targeted though, “Family Guy” doesn’t discriminate and laughs at people of all nationalities, races, colors and genders. It’s one of those things that an animated show can do without getting too much heat.
    So to put things in perspective, we chose 13 of our favorite “Family Guy” jokes on Jews. If you find them offensive, we sure hope you’re not an Emmy voter.
    1. Jewish Eye Surgery More ▸