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  • Arab Infiltrators Attack Israeli Car Near Eilat; Escape to Sinai

    Shevuoth holiday traffic was interrupted today when infiltrators attacked a car carrying three tourists and two Israelis near the Red Sea Port of Silat in Southern Israel. The assailants ambushed the car firing seven shots and hitting mainly the tires. A car coming from the opposite direction rescued the uninjured occupants. Security Forces rushed to… More ▸

  • Observance of Shavuot Starts in Israel with Children’s Street Marches

    Some 5,000 children took part today in the “first fruit” assemblies held here as part of the public observance of Shavuot both in the capital and throughout Israel which starts tomorrow evening. The holiday commemorates both the giving of the Ten Commandments on Mount final and the traditional festival of the first harvests. Dressed in… More ▸

  • Shavuot Marked in Israel by Ancient Ceremony of Offering ‘first Fruit’

    Symbolic offerings of Israel’s farm products were carried by children in towns and settlements yesterday in “First Fruit” ceremonies reminiscent of the Shavuot ritual during the period of the Temple in ancient Jerusalem. Shavuot, which began after dusk last night, is celebrated for one day in Israel and for two days by traditional Jews outside… More ▸

  • Traditional Shavuoth Vigil Revived at Center of Israel Chief Rabbinate

    The traditional vigil of Jewish scholars on the eve of Shavuoth, the holiday commemorating Revelation, was revived this week-end at the new center of the Israel Chief Rabbinate here with 63 scholars reading sections of the commentaries to groups of vigil keepers. Mt. Zion, where boughs and flowers were picked to adorn the synagogues for… More ▸

  • Four Neturei Karta Members Begin Jail Terms Imposed in Riots over Pool

    Four more members of the Neturei Karta were to begin jail terms today on sentences imposed Friday but suspended until the close of the Shevuoth holiday. Like defendants in previous trials, the four sect members were charged with creating public disturbances inarrests growing out of the sect’s demonstrations against a pool in Jerusalem in which… More ▸

  • General Elections in Italy Set for Shevuoth; Jews in Predicament

    Scheduling of the Italian general elections for May 25 and 26 has presented the Jewish community with an important problem because these days coincide with Shevuoth when Jews are forbidden to work or write and therefore cannot mark their ballots. Since Italian law classifies voting as a duty as well as a right, the Rabbinical… More ▸

  • “pilgrimage Year” Inaugurated in Jerusalem with Procession to Mt, Zion

    The “year of the pilgrimage to Jerusalem” was formally inaugurated here today with a stately procession up the slope of Mt. Zion led by religious and political leaders of the State of Israel and representatives of the Jewish communities of the world. The procession began from the central railroad station in this city, where special… More ▸

  • Shavuos Celebrated Throughout Israel; Children’s Parades Held

    Shavuos, the “Feast of the Harvest,” was celebrated throughout the country today. Kindergarten and school children, dressed in white, their heads crowned with flowers, paraded through the streets of cities and settlements, offering the traditional “first fruits” of the season. Special celebration were held in centers established for newly-arrived immigrants, the most colorful of these… More ▸

  • N.y.u. Moves Graduation Date to Avoid Shavuot Conflict

    Officials of New York University, discovering that 1957 graduation exercises had inadvertently been scheduled for the first day of Shavuot, have moved the date by 24 hours as the only action that could be taken at this time, a University spokesman said today. Dr. Carroll V. Newsom, University president, said that the school calendar for… More ▸

  • Moscow to Have Kosher Meat and Kosher Restaurants, Rabbi Announces

    Soviet meat shops in Jewish neighborhoods will soon be selling kosher meat in Moscow and the government will open kosher restaurants, Moscow’s Chief Rabbi, M. Schliffer, announced at a Shevuoth service last Thursday, according to a cable to the New York Times. The dispatch from Moscow said that Rabbi Schliffer had declared that the kosher… More ▸