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  • Who are the Jews among the Slate 60 list of top givers? recently released its annual Slate 60 list of top philanthropic givers. The list, compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, estimates who were the country’s top 60 philanthropists based on what they pledged and gave the most money in 2009. According to our calculation, either 11 or 13 of the top 60 are Jewish. (When… More ▸

  • Slate: Madoff is no Lansky

    Ron Rosenbaum pines for the days when Jewish crooks were, if not honorable, then at least respectable, in this story in Slate: Still, as I found myself more and more disgusted by the (alleged) crimes of Bernie Madoff, I kept thinking—in light of my encounter with Lucky—"Where are the Jewish gangsters of yesteryear?" These were… More ▸