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Soviet Anti-Semitism

  • Hearings on Soviet Anti-semitism Commemorate Babi Yar Massacre

    Hearings to increase public awareness of officially-condoned anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union were held on Capitol Hill last week. The hearings, which took place Oct. 6, were designed to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the massacre of more than 33,000 Jews by the Nazis at Babi Yar near Kiev in the Ukraine. The special hearings… More ▸

  • Soviet Anti-semitic Book Denounced by Veteran Advocate of the USSR

    No more telling indictment of Soviet anti-Semitism can be found than that written by a life-long advocate of Communism, Joshua Gershman, the veteran leftwing journalist who edited the now defunct publication, The Vochenblatt, in Toronto for many years. His current articles appear in the English-language Vancouver publication, Canadian Jewish Outlook. His latest article, titled “Hitting… More ▸

  • Canadian Official Recommends Measures to Pursue Soviet Compliance with Human Rights

    Mark Mac-Guignan, Canada’s Secretary of State for External Affairs, recommended to the government several measures to pursue Soviet compliance-with human rights accords in the aftermath of the Helsinki review conference in Madrid. Mac-Guignan also heard a report from Irwin Cotler, president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, on the rapidly deteriorating situation of Jews in the… More ▸

  • Decrease in the Number of Soviet Jews Allowed to Leave is Attributed to Anti-semitism

    A Canadian Jewish leader, just returned from the Helsinki review conference in Madrid, said the alarming decrease in the number of Jews allowed to leave the Soviet Union is the result of anti-Semitism. “What we are talking about is institutionalized anti-Semitism,” said Irwin Cotler, president of the Canadian Jewish Congress. Cotler told the Jewish Telegraphic… More ▸

  • Position of Presidential Candidates; Answers to JTA Questionnaire

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency submitted a list of 12 questions to President Carter, Republican Party candidate Ronald Reagan and Independent candidate John Anderson on what policies they would adopt, if elected, on issues of vital concern to American Jewry. Questions dealt with U.S. relations with Israel, domestic economic problems, circumstances of Jews in countries such… More ▸

  • The Face of Soviet Anti-semitism

    Amy Saldinger, guest speaker at a day-long conference here yesterday on anti-Semitism, described the message Soviet citizens have received in the press since the Six-Day War this way: “Jews really don’t have a history, and if you want to be considered a loyal Soviet citizen you must repudiate Jewish history.” Saldinger’s remarks addressed what many… More ▸

  • Factors in Soviet Anti-semitism

    Modern day Soviet anti-Semitism is characterized by two basic factors: “anti-Semitism is in the hands of the state and can therefore be turned on or off at will; it is now more racially oriented than before and this prevents Soviet Jewry from assimilating into the mainstream of society because “according to religious and cultural views… More ▸

  • Sartre, Dead at 74, Fought on Behalf of Persecuted Jews

    Jean-Paul Sartre, the French philosopher who dominated the Western intellectual world for several decodes, died here last night at the age of 74. A humanist, a liberal and a political activist, he had always been keenly interested in Judaism and fought some of the battles in favor of persecuted Jews. In recent years, however, and… More ▸

  • Behind the Headlines Soviet Anti-semitism

    The co-chairmen of the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe have strongly condemned the latest manifestations of anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union as “alarming” and a “virulent campaign.” Rep. Dante Fascell (D.Fla) who heads the panel that monitors compliance with the Helsinki agreement signed by 35 nations including the Soviet Union, and Sen…. More ▸