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  • Swiss Bank Account Panel Under Pressure to Finish Work

    One month after Switzerland’s two largest banks agreed to pay $1.25 billion to settle Holocaust-era claims, a panel conducting a sweeping audit of Swiss banks is coming under pressure to wrap up its work. So far, auditors have discovered just over $50 million in dormant accounts belonging to Holocaust victims, but some sources say that… More ▸

  • How Survivors in United States Can Apply for Swiss Fund Payments

    Applications for payments from a Swiss humanitarian fund are now available for needy Holocaust survivors in the United States. Eligible individuals can receive application information by calling the special application processing center set up by the World Jewish Restitution Organization, which will be handling all claims in the United States with the assistance of the… More ▸

  • News Analysis: Swiss Settlement Adds Momentum to Holocaust-era Claims in Europe

    The $1.25 billion settlement agreed to by Switzerland’s leading banks has created a momentum that will likely lead to additional agreements to settle Holocaust-era claims against European companies and governments. In the wake of last week’s agreement, officials with the World Jewish Congress believe that the focus will now shift to several different fronts: European… More ▸

  • Timetable for Payments Uncertain After Swiss Settlement Agreement

    Estelle Sapir had mixed emotions. “My heart is very happy,” the 73-year-old Holocaust survivor said in a slight voice outside the Brooklyn federal courthouse where Switzerland’s leading commercial banks had just agreed to a $1.25 billion settlement of Holocaust-era claims. But at the same time, Sapir, who fled a Nazi death camp as a teen-ager,… More ▸

  • News Analysis: U.s., Swiss Officials Appeal for White House Intervention

    During the course of the past year, critics of Switzerland have set deadline after deadline in hopes of pressuring the country and its banks into resolving Holocaust-era claims. The latest deadline looming over the Alpine nation is Sept. 1 — the date finance officers of New York City and New York state have promised to… More ▸

  • Survivors in United States to Receive Swiss Payments

    While efforts to settle Holocaust-era claims against Switzerland remain at a standstill, some good news has emerged for American Jews awaiting compensation. Tens of thousands of needy Holocaust survivors in the United States will begin receiving long-awaited payments from a Swiss humanitarian fund later this year, the World Jewish Congress said this week. Some $32… More ▸

  • Swiss Police Suspect Bomb Was Placed at Jewish Building

    Swiss police are investigating whether a parcel left outside a Jewish building here was a bomb. The parcel, discovered last Friday night, contained electronic equipment that is normally used for a bomb, according to the Geneva police, who believe it was placed outside the headquarters of a local Jewish communal building in an attempt to… More ▸

  • Swiss Party Calls for Boycott of Jewish, American Concerns

    A right-wing party in Switzerland has called for an immediate boycott of “American and Jewish goods, restaurants and travel destinations.” The call by the Swiss Democratic Party came in the wake of a decision last week by U.S. public finance officials to lift a moratorium on sanctions against Switzerland’s leading commercial banks after negotiations to… More ▸

  • Sanctions Against Swiss Banks Intensify Pressure on Alpine State

    In clearing the way for punitive measures against Swiss banks, American public finance officials have unleashed a forceful salvo in what is turning into a war of attrition over Holocaust-era claims. Ignoring strong objections from the Clinton administration, a commission representing hundreds of state and local finance officials decided Wednesday to lift a moratorium on… More ▸