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  • First Visa Applications for Displaced and German Jews Filed with U.S. Consulate

    The HIAS today began filling applications with the U.S. consulate here for visas for displaced Jews, available under President Truman’s directives. At the same time, it began issuing corporate affidavits, of which he will provide 4,500. The first affidavit was issued to Rabbi Leopold Neuhaus of Frankfurt, and his life. Both are survivors of Theresienstadt,… More ▸

  • State Dept, Says Czech Government Ready to Give Information on Theresienstadt Victims

    Information regarding issuance of death certificates for persons who died in German concentration camps in Czechoslovakia, such as Terezin, is obtainable from the repatriation office of the Czechoslovak Ministry of Social Welfare in Prague, the State Department announced today. Applications for the death certificates should give the name of the deceased date and place of… More ▸

  • J.D.C. Will Accept Messages for Delivery to Displaced Jews in Camps in Germany

    The Joint Distribution Committee today announced the establishment of a department which will deliver messages from American relatives to displaced Jews in the American and British zones in Germany and will also accept messages from Jews in the camps for delivery to their relatives abroad, thus establishment direct contact for the first time between the… More ▸

  • Repathation of All Jews from Theresienstadt Will Be Completed Within Week

    The liquidation of the Jewish ghetto in Theresienstadt is reaching its final stage, it was announced here today. The last 2,000 of its Jewish inmates will be repatriated by next week, the announcement said. There is much Jewish property, especially stocks of textile goods left in Theresienstadt, which Jewish leaders in Prague are making an… More ▸

  • Cardinal Innitzer Says Nazis Behaved Toward Jews in Vienna Like “wild Beasts”

    The edore Cardinal Innitzer, Archbishop of Vienna, who, during the Nazi regime, was kept under close surveillance, today described to a J.T.A. correspondent the German treatment of Jews as “the most fiendish phase of Nazi barbarism. “It was as wild beasts that the Nazis behaved toward the Jews,” he said. “And that was supposed to… More ▸

  • Austrian Jews Return from Theresienstadt to Vienna; Jewish Population Reaches 8,000

    With the arrival here today of 360 Jews from the Theresienstadt concentration camp, the Jewish population of Vienna, which once numbered 180,000, totals slightly more than 8,000. Of these, about 6,000 are married to non-Jews and 1,300 returned in recent weeks form camps. A JTA correspondent who witnessed the arrival of the Theresienstadt victims today… More ▸

  • 4,000 Jewish Survivors of Nazi Camps Issue Manifesto to World, Ask Justice for Jews

    An appeal to “all the free peoples of the world” for justice for the Jews, in the form of a manifesto which will soon be published throughout the world, was completed here today by representatives of 4,000 surviving victims of the concentration camps of Buchenwald, Bergen-Belsen, Dachau, Auswitz, Theresienstadt and Mauthausen, who are now in… More ▸

  • Two-thirds of German and Austrian Jews Survived; 10,000 to 20,000 Remain in Two Countries

    The first official estimate of what happened to Germany’s Jews during the Hitler regime, compiled by the Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees, was released here today. P. M. Malin, committee representative attached to American headquarters, emphasized in releasing the report that these figures are not final or complete, but he said that it is unlikely that… More ▸