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  • New Israel I Slaih, One Wounded by Syrian Troops on Shores of Lake Tiberias

    One of the most serious incidents involving Israel## and Syrians in recent months occurred here today when one Israeli settler was ##illed and another wounded by Syrian gunfire. The affair began this morning when an Israel police launch on a normal tour ##f duty on Lake Tiberias became entangled with Syrian-laid fishing nots north of… More ▸

  • Ben Gurion Arrives in Tiberias for Three-week Rest; Kaplan to Be Acting Premier

    Premier David Ben Gurion arrived here today for a three-week rest. During his absence from Jerusalem, Finance Minister Eliezer Kaplan will serve as acting Premier. Three religious members of the Israel Cabinet have written a letter to the Premier demanding a speedy settlement of the crisis involving the issue of religious education in immigrant reception… More ▸

  • “elisheva,” Well-known Hebrew Poetess, Dies in Tiberias at Age of 60

    “Elisheva,” well-known Hebrew poetess, died in Tiberias today at the age of 60. Yelizevta Ivanovna Zhirkova, which was her real name, was a Russian Christian who came to Palestine during the early 1920’s and later adopted the Jewish faith. Among her best-known works is the “Song of Kinnereth,” which was set to music. More ▸

  • U.J.A. Delegation Received by Jerusalem’s Mayor; to Visit Haifa, Tiberias, Nathanya

    The forty-seven member United Jewish Appeal delegation now touring Israel investigating conditions in the country was today received by Jerusalem Mayor Daniel Auster. Mayor Auster told the delegates that not a single Jerusalem will ever agree to the internationalization of Jerusalem. He blamed the city’s unclarified political status for its present economic difficulties. Yesterday, the… More ▸

  • Arab Population of Tiberias Evacuated by British; Haganah Proclaims Jewish Regime

    The entire Arab population of the mixed town ? Tiberias, in northern Palestine, was evacuated today under supervision of British bops. The evacuation was completed by early this evening at which time the Jewish charter of the town was placed under curfew. Immediately after the evacuation, “began, the local Haganah leader proclaimed p existence of… More ▸

  • Tiberias Springs Made International Resort

    At the opening of the Tiberias hot springs Winter season, Dr. Aron Barth told newspapermen that the springs had now been converted into an international health resort for rheumatic and similar diseases. The springs company has so far invested L-55,000 and is now planning to issue debentures for another L-30,000. More ▸