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  • Arabs Put Torch to Famed Tiberias Yeshivah, Wreck Ancient Shrine

    Arab terrorists early today set fire to the famous ancient Ortorah Yeshiva at Tiberias and wrecked the nearby sacred sepulchre of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness, revered miracle worker of the second century. The Torahs were rescued from the flames but a collection of priceless, unique holy books sought by leading libraries throughout the world was… More ▸

  • Special Policeman Killed in Tiberias

    A Jewish special policeman, Ephraim Horslay, was shot dead in Tiberias today while guarding an ice factory. The Greek ship Astir left Haifa port this morning with a cargo of 638 Jewish refugees. The ship had been seized near the Palestine coast and brought to Haifa on suspicion of trying to land the refugees illegally…. More ▸

  • Jew, 9 Arabs Slain in Disorders over Week-en); Tiberias Mayor Dies

    A fresh wave of violence that swept Palestine over the week-end took the lives of nine Arabs and a jew, leveled a new government hospital and razed several thousand fruit and eucalyptus trees owned by Jews. At the same time, Zakaiel Khadib, Jewish mayor of Tiberias, died of wounds suffered thursday when he was shot… More ▸

  • Terrorism Unchecked After Secret Macdonald Visit; Curfew in Tiberias

    While Palestine awaited with tense interest a scheduled broadcast by High Commissioner Sir Harold Alfred MacMichael tonight, presumably on the current disorders, terrorism continued unchecked today following the secret week-end visit of Colonial Secretary Malcolm MacDonald. The disorders were marked by kidnappings, bombings, sniping and sporadic attacks on Jewish settlements. A Jew named Haim Goldenberg,… More ▸

  • Bulletin Haifa Jew Dies of Wounds: Tiberias Youth Slain

    Uri Kramer, wounded in a Haifa bombing early today, died tonight. Arabs shot and killed Mordechai Abraham Mizrachi, 18, while walking on Peace Street. In Tiberias, on the way home from work. Two Arabs carrying a bombs were arrested near the Yemin Moshe quarter of jerusalem. A second bomb was discovered in the lobby of… More ▸