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  • Jews May Quit Yemen if They Leave 10% of Their Capital

    A new decree of the Crown Prince of Yemen permits emigration of Jews from the country on condition they leave ten per cent of their wealth with the government, according to reports reaching here. Previously all emigration was prohibited. The reports state that the Crown Prince, taking over the reins of government from his father,… More ▸

  • Posters in Yemen Attack Jews, Stir Unrest Reminiscent of ’29

    The Jewish population in Yemen was in great panic today when posters alleging that Jews in Palestine have destroyed Moslem places of worship, suddenly appeared in many villages and townships in Yemen. Spurred by these posters the Moslem population proclaimed a fast today and assembled in the Mosques to pray for the lives of the… More ▸

  • 260 Yemen Jews Reach Palestine

    A group of 260 Jewish immigrants from Yemen reached Palestine today. This is the first group of Yemenite immigrants to reach Palestine this year on immigration visas under the labor schedule. The Arab press, commenting on their arrival, says that the Jews of Palestine are planning to bring Yemenite Jews into the country in order… More ▸

  • 325 Yemen Jews Reach Holy Land

    Happy to escape from Yemen, Arabia, where Jews are severely persecuted, 325 Yemenite Jews arrived here today to settle in Palestine. The entire group was admitted on certificates sent them by the Jewish Agency for Palestine, which included them in its immigration schedule. One family consisting of eighteen members came in on a single certificate…. More ▸

  • Yemen Chief Rabbi Dies

    The death of Chief Rabbi Yehia Aviad of Yemen was reported here today. Rabbi Aviad was sixty-five. Samson Ben Eliezer, Hebrew scribe of the fourteenth century, was generally called Baruk she-Amar, from the initial words of the blessing he delighted to repeat. Joseph d’Aguilar Samuda helped in 1860 to establish the British Institute of Naval… More ▸

  • Aden Stops Yemen Jews on Way to Zion

    A number of Jewish families from Yemen who were on their way to Palestine were compelled by British authorities today to return to Yemen as soon as they reached Aden, which is a British protectorate. The order to return the immigrants to their native cities was issued by the Aden authorities on the strength of… More ▸

  • Edict in Yemen Forces Jewish Orphans to Embrace Moslem Faith

    An edict has been issued in Yemen making it obligatory for all Jewish children to embrace the Moslem faith on the death of their fathers. The enforcement of this edict has added to the misery of the Yemenite Jews, the object of great oppression at the hands of the Moslem majority. Conditions resulting from this… More ▸

  • Small Pox Epidemic Kills 231 in Yemen; Proclaim Fast

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Two hundred and thirty one persons died during last week in the vicinity of Aden, one of the two important seaports of Yemen, in the small pox epidemic which is raging there. Four Jews were among the victims of the epidemic. The rabbinate of Aden proclaimed two days of fast and prayer. More ▸

  • Yemen Jews Dissatisfied with Z. O. Executive’s Attitude, Basle Congress Told

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The Fifth session of the Zionist Congress was opened Friday morning under the chairmanship of Dr. Leon Motzkin. In the general debate which continued, Delegate Gluska representing the Yemenite Jews in Palestine charged the Zionist Executive with failure to fulfill the decision of the Fourteenth Zionist Congress concerning the creation of Yemenite… More ▸

  • Yemen Government Bars Emigration of Its Jews

    (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) Yemen, the country of anti-Jewish persecutions, in Arabia, is not satisfied with its internal policy toward the Jews but also objects to their emigrating to Palestine, according to reports to the Arab paper, “Al Carmel.” According to these reports, the government of Yemen has issued an ordinance to confiscate the property of… More ▸