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  • News Brief

    The Yiddish weekly in Winnipeg, “Dos Yiddishe Vort,” which was alternatively known as the “Yiddish Press” and before that as the “israelite Press,” has ceased publication after 70 years. A spokesman for the weekly said that although Winnipeg still has a reputation as a stronghold of Yiddish, the paper had run out of readers, revenue… More ▸

  • Morris Freilicoff Dead at 94

    — Morris Freilicoff, who worked for the Day-Morning Journal, a New York based Yiddish newspaper from 1925 to 1963, died last Friday at George Washington University Hospital. He was 94 years old. In addition to his work on the now-defunct Yiddish paper, Freilicoff was a student of Yiddish literature and lectured widely on the subject…. More ▸

  • Special Radiothon Dec, 7 to Aid Survival of Jewish Daily Forward

    A special Radiothon will take place Dec. 7 on WEVD-FM (97.9) as part of an ongoing effort to insure the survival of the Jewish Daily Forward, it was announced today. Notables from all walks of Jewish life, including Mayor Edward Kach, Zvee Scooler, Clare Barry and Isaac Bashevis Singer will lend their support to one… More ▸

  • Two Jewish Scientists Share in Nobel Prize for Chemistry …

    Two Jewish American scientists whose torebears come to the United States from the Ukraine share this year’s Nobel Prize for chemistry with a British scientist for separate work involved in genetic engineering. Paul Berg, 54, of Stanford University, was awarded half the $215.000 prize while Walter Gilbert, 48, of Harvard, split the other half with… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Motes Goldfarb, active in the Jewish community here, has been named new director of Di Presse, the only Yiddish newspaper in Argentina, and its weekly publication in Spanish, Nuevo Presencia. More ▸

  • One of the Darkest Days Recalled; ‘the Night of the Murdered Poets’

    Twenty-four of the Soviet Union’s leading Jewish writers, poets, artists, musicians and actors were executed in Moscow’s notorious Lubianka Prison on Aug. 12, 1952. That event came to be known as “The Night of the Murdered Poets.” “Some of those executed were among the more than 400 outstanding Jewish artists who were rounded up in… More ▸

  • Habimah to Stage Yiddish Plays

    The Habimah Theater, in response to a request from the World Council for Yiddish, will present at least three Yiddish plays in the near future. This announcement was made last night by Yitzhak Koren, chairman of the World Council, at the opening of its annual meeting at the Sholem Aleichem House here. Koren, who said… More ▸

  • Moishe Rubenstein Dead at 74

    Moishe Rubenstein, for many years editor of the Jewish Voice, a Yiddish newspaper, died here at the age of 74 after suffering a stroke. He was buried in Mexico City. Rubenstein wrote a regular column for the Jewish Voice for some 40 years. Barn in Godno Lithuania, where he started his literary career, he came… More ▸

  • David Flinker Dead at 81

    Funeral services were held yesterday for David Flinker, the veteran Jewish journalist and writer, who died Tuesday night at the age of 81. He was a leading figure among Jewish journalists in pre-war Poland. After arriving in Palestine, he wrote for Haboker and became a regular correspondent and writer for the American Yiddish newspaper, Day-Morning… More ▸

  • Lazaro Shallman Dead at 73

    Funeral services were held July 18 for Lazaro Shallman, an outstanding Jewish writer and journalist in the Spanish language, who died of a heart attack at the age of 73. Born in Argentina, Shallman wrote about general Jewish themes and led the campaign to eliminate the use of the word “Judio” (Jew) as a pejorative…. More ▸