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  • Knesset May Televise Sessions

    The Knesset took an important step this week toward the eventual televising of its committee sessions. The House Committee, by a large majority, approved in principle the introduction of television cameras into committee sessions, apart from those of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, which handles sensitive material. The House Committee, which makes recommendations about… More ▸

  • Abie Nathan, Released from Jail, Returns to Society with Eagerness

    Israeli peace activist Abie Nathan said on his release from prison Monday that he would abstain from breaking the law forbidding contact with the Palestine Liberation Organization until the June 23 elections. He said he was hopeful the new Knesset would repeal the law, making it possible for Israelis to meet “legally and officially” with… More ▸

  • 43 Years of Army Radio Ending with Transfer to Civilian Owners

    Galei Tzahal, the popular army radio station, is about to be transferred to civilian ownership, after 43 years as the voice of the Israel Defense Force. The change is a direct result of budgetary cutbacks imposed on the IDF and the strong opinions of its new chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Ehud Barak, who doesn’t… More ▸

  • Shamir Denies Israel is Urging U.s to Launch an Attack Against Iraq

    Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir denied Tuesday what he called “ugly” media reports in the United States that Israel is urging Washington to take military action against Iraq. Shamir spoke hours after the publication here of parts of a warm letter from President Bush praising Israel’s restrained role in the Persian Gulf crisis. In assailing the… More ▸

  • 4,000 Youths Retrace Wartime March from Gates of Auschwitz to Birkenau

    Some 4,000 youths from 35 countries on Sunday silently marched the two miles between the Auschwitz and Birkenau death camp complexes in southeastern Poland, in a moving commemoration of International Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Day. Wearing blue parkas, they marched, with arms linked, in ranks of five behind, banners which read “March of the Living”… More ▸

  • Telethon Elicits Seder Invites for Newly Arrived Soviet Olim

    Israelis have opened their hearts and homes to new Soviet olim by inviting thousands of new Soviet arrivals to their Passover Seders. They did so in response to a daylong telethon held Wednesday specifically to elicit Seder invitations to the new Israelis from the Israeli public. The 12-hour appeal, which was organized by the Army… More ▸

  • 16 IDF Officers, Civilians Arrested for Operating a Draft-dodging Ring

    A draft-dodging ring involving high-ranking Israel Defense Force officers was broken up Monday with the arrest of 16 soldiers and civilians. Eight IDF officers, including one or two with the rank of lieutenant colonel and several majors, were taken into custody by military police. Eight civilians, at least one of them a medical doctor, were… More ▸

  • Some 60,000 Israeli Civil Servants Launch Strike of Indefinite Duration

    About 60,000 civil servants went on strike Tuesday in the first of a series of walkouts and work stoppages expected to involve more than 100,000 public sector employees before the end of the week. The strike was called by the government workers union after wage negotiations with Treasury officials broke down late Monday night. Union… More ▸

  • Reagan Reiterates Call for School Prayer, Abortion Ban

    In his seventh and final State of the Union address, President Reagan reiterated Monday night his desires for Congress to approve constitutional amendments allowing organized prayer in public schools and prohibiting abortion. Reagan said the anti-abortion legislation should make an exception "where the unborn child is threatens the life of the mother. Our Judeo-Christian tradition… More ▸

  • U.S. Officials Said to Be Satisfied with Way Israel is Trying Rioters

    The United States is satisfied so far with the way Israel is conducting the trials of Palestinians arrested for rioting and incitement in the administered territories, an American diplomat indicated Wednesday. Morris Draper, the U.S. consul general in East Jerusalem, said American officials observing the trials report that they are being carried out with full… More ▸