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  • Wjc Report Finds Future Uncertain for 2000 Jews Still in Rhodesia

    Eighty-five years after the first Jewish congregation was established in Rhodesia, the 2000 Jews who still remain in that strife torn southern African nation are struggling to maintain a fully functioning community. There are synagogues, day and afternoon schools, a home for the aged, a central representative body and a Zionist movement. But their future… More ▸

  • Probe Continues on How Planes Sold by Israel Turned Up in Rhodesia

    The United States is still investigating how II American-made Bell-205 Helicopters which Israel sold to a private company in 1968 turned up in Rhodesia. Both U.S. and Israeli officials agree that when the copters left Haifa by freighter in October, 1968 they were supposed to go to Singapore. Instead they arrived in Rhodesia. State Department… More ▸

  • Rhodesia and Israel

    The U.S. State and Commerce Departments are investigating “all possible routes” by which Rhodesia recently obtained American-made Bell helicopters of the type sold to Israel, but thus far no evidence exists that Israel has contravened its pledges, the State Department said today. Transfer of such equipment to Rhodesia by either American companies or individuals or… More ▸

  • Synagogue Council of America Raps Apartheid in South Africa. Rhodesia

    The Synagogue Council of America, at a meeting of its plenum, adopted a resolution condemning apartheid in South Africa and Rhodesia and stated that if a tragedy is to be averted, the governments of both countries “must be persuaded to change direction rapidly toward policies based on human dignity, justice and racial conciliation before time… More ▸

  • Jews in Rhodesia Facing Danger

    Chief Rabbi Isaac Zwebner, of Rhodesia, said here that the 4000 Jews in that central African country face potential disaster at the hands of anti-Semitic whites and rebellious Blacks, but are too complacent or fearful to heed his warnings that they pull up stake and immigrate to Israel. Rabbi Zwebner, and his wife, Aurelia, recently… More ▸

  • Memorial to Six Million Jews Killed by Nazis Consecrated in Rhodesia

    A memorial monument to the 6 million Jewish martyrs of World War II–an obelisk topped by a Star of David–was consecrated at the Jewish Cemetery here in the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Salisbury and 150 Jews of three congregations. H.H. Gollop, chairman of the Mashonaland Committee of the Central African Jewish Board of… More ▸

  • Israel Tennis Association Cancels Davis Cup Tournament with Rhodesia

    The Israel Tennis Association, apparently yielding to government pressure, has cancelled its scheduled Davis Cup Tournament match with Rhodesia. The Israeli foreign Ministry has been urging cancellation since the International Lawn Tennis Association paired Israel with Rhodesia and ordered the match to be held in Israel. The government announced recently that it would not admit… More ▸

  • Israelis Believe That Veto by U.S. on Rhodesia May Set Precedent Affecting Israel

    The first veto by the United States in the history of the United Nations was seen in some quarters here today as having possible significance for Israel in the future. The U.S. exercised its veto right in the Security Council for the first time yesterday to defeat an African-sponsored resolution that would have committed members… More ▸

  • Jordan Envoy at UN Likens Israel Government to Racist South Africa and Rhodesia

    Jordan compared Israel today to the racist governments of South Africa and Rhodesia, all three of which, according to Jordanian Ambassador Muhammad H. El-Farra, practice “monolithic, exclusive and chauvinistic nationalism.” Mr. El-Farra addressed the General Assembly this morning during the body’s continuing debate on the situation in Southwest Africa where efforts are being made to… More ▸