My Pet Peeve Of The Day


Invariably, when I come back to work after the two days of Seders, people will come over and ask, “so how was your Passover?”

This makes me a little crazy, even though it’s an innocuous question, even a caring one. What I want to say is, “Well, the first two days of the holiday were fine, but of course there are six more to go, so it’s way far from over, only one-quarter of the way complete, in fact, got that?”

For some, “Passover” means a seder, which mostly consists of a big meal, and no bread for a week. An added diet of macaroons and matzah, maybe, but little doing without.

For others, though, it is eight full days of a totally restricted diet and many hours in the synagogue, preceded by weeks of daily preparation, including cleaning the house, changing the year-round meat and dairy dishes and silverware for the Passover meat and dairy dishes and silverware, and endless shopping runs to the supermarket in search of specially marked Kosher for Passover products. Not to mention the cooking and creative recipes, which call for making dozens of delicacies that consist of eggs and matzah meal.

But hey, I’m not complaining. And by the way, “my Passover was great – so far. Thanks for asking.”

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