36 Under 36 2009: Ran Fuchs, 30


Moving back and forth from Tel Aviv to New York as a child, 30-year-old Ran Fuchs describes himself as the quintessential Israeli-American hybrid. Ultimately, he and his parents settled in New York, but he never felt completely at home in either place. "In the United States I felt very Israeli, and in Israel I felt very American," he says.

But a few years ago, Fuchs sat down with another Israeli-American friend who encouraged him to join an organization called Dor Chadash, where she was a member. Since October 2003, Dor Chadash has worked to foster relationships between Israel and American Jews — particularly those here, in the New York area, Fuchs explains. After he began attending Dor Chadash events, Fuchs learned that his dual-identity was more common than he thought.

As an entrepreneurial leader who received his MBA from Stanford University in 2006, Fuchs quickly became quite involved in Dor Chadash activities, where he chaired committees and eventually found himself on the organization’s board. As incoming Dor Chadash chairman, Fuchs hopes to expand the organization and help connect American Jewry to Israelis and Israel through social events, service efforts and seminars. Fuchs views Dor Chadash as a "feeder organization" for other Jewish organizations in New York and in Israel; a place where members can hone their specific interests, become involved, and move forward.

During his time at Stanford, Fuchs led a multicultural group of students to Israel, where they met with important governmental and business leaders who not only taught them business strategies but also acquainted them with Israeli culture. Today, Fuchs works full-time as the assistant vice president of American Realty Capital, in addition to countless volunteer hours spent coordinating New York’s American and Israeli Jewish community. Dor Chadash is "a great forum for bringing people who have a passion for Israel together," Fuchs said. "Our role is very simple — we’re not looking to convert anyone to become an Israel lover." And though the Dor Chadash model may be simple, Fuchs observes that many other organizations have begun imitating it — a sure sign, he believes, of success.

Interactive meetings: Fuchs enjoys conducting business meetings while running around the Central Park Reservoir. Yum: He is a "huge restaurant buff" and enjoys spending evenings at New York’s eateries, tapas bars and pubs – what he calls New York’s "gastro mysteries."