Nashville Woes


While we in Nashville deeply appreciate the outpouring of support from friends around the country, your characterization of the Jewish community being “unscathed” may relate to our communal buildings, but definitely not our community (“Nashville Jews Respond To Flood,” May 7).

We are now up to 33 families, some 65 individuals, who have lost nearly everything. Few in Nashville had any flood insurance, which means that overnight this Jewish community is dealing with financial relief, cleanup and trauma with implications that may last years, indeed lifetimes for those directly affected. For a smaller community, our agency staff members were running on adrenaline all last week, and the human and financial resources required to deal with this in the long term will be formidable.

The flood got much less attention in the national media than it deserved, due to Times Square, the oil rig, etc.
A more accurate and sensitive description of the situation would help us rebuild more effectively and efficiently. And we will rebuild.
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Executive Director
Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee