Micro-Loans Expert


We were pleased to read “Micro-Loans In Israel” (May 14) and applaud The Jewish Week for informing readers about these creative and important efforts to combat poverty.

Over the past decade, The Hadassah Foundation has supported business training and loans to low-income Israeli women of all backgrounds — Jewish, Arab, secular, religious, new immigrant and veteran — to help them achieve greater economic security. Research indicates that women entrepreneurs use their income wisely, both reinvesting in their new businesses and helping their families and children.

Supportive Community, mentioned in your article, is a leader in this field. On June 7, Lena Gurary, executive director of Supportive Community, will be honored with the 2010 Bernice S. Tannenbaum Prize. Gurary will spend three weeks in New York meeting with a wide array of organizations working on women’s issues and microfinance and learning best practices. Readers who are interested in meeting with her may contact hadassahfoundation@hadassah.org

Chair, The Hadassah Foundation