Obama Should Visit Israel


Notwithstanding Elie Wiesel’s rosy assessment of American/Israeli relations, there is nothing to suggest that President Barack Obama’s rapprochement with the Islamic world at the expense of Israel has significantly changed  (“Taking Wiesel’s Advice,” Editorial, May 14).

Obama saw fit to travel to Cairo, and bypass Israel, to demonstrate his intent to kick-start a “new beginning” with the Arab nations. In view of his subsequent unseemly treatment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his tepid support for Israel, is it too much to ask that Obama travel to Jerusalem with the same fanfare as his trip to Cairo and publicly affirm that the United States and Israel are natural allies in the cause of peace?

Until then Obama’s private meetings with high-profile American Jews will be perceived as window dressing in advance of what could be a very bad election season for Democrats.

Staten Island