Bigger Rally


I am generally a big fan of The Jewish Week as a source of honest, balanced and high quality reporting. However, seeing the article, “Gaza Flotilla Fallout” (June 4) made me wonder whether I was reading a Jewish newspaper or a Palestinian newspaper.

The article is factually inaccurate, unbalanced to the point of being anti-Israeli if not anti-Semitic. In fact, with 24 hours notice, responding to the mounting negative media and world pressure, RAJE students and staff led the wider Jewish community in organizing a rally in support of Israel.  Hundreds turned out in front of the Turkish consulate at the UN, waving American and Israeli flags and expressing support.

Your article reported that our rally was attended by 100 people. Articles such as this only serve to foster cynicism and alienation of Russian Jews from what we perceive as the mainstream Jewish community.

Executive Director

Russian American Jewish Experience (RAJE)