Where’s The Outrage?



It is about time our community was taken to task by The Jewish Week (“Time To Remember Shalit,” Editorial, June 25) for failing to support imprisoned Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier held by Hamas in Gaza for more than four years. 

In violation of any rule of law or rule of war he’s been denied access to any visits from the international Red Cross. This week Human Rights Watch, no friend of Israel, called it “torture.” 

Our community and our leaders have failed Shalit, his family and our people. In addition, we are also failing to stand up against Iran. Where are the protests against Iran’s burgeoning nuclear program? Where is the outrage in our community? Where are our leaders? The CIA says Iran has enough material for two bombs and sanctions won’t stop them. As we enter the mourning period of the three weeks, isn’t it time to start preventing the destruction of the third Temple? If we don’t act now soon there will be nothing left to save. We’re running out of time; we must wake up.