Give The Guy Another Chance


Abigail Pickus in her column, “A Kiss is Just a Kiss” (the Matchup, July 2) ends by questioning whether if she had just made a huge mistake. I opine she certainly did.

There have been many articles written in recent years, in The Jewish Week and elsewhere, regarding the plight of unmarried Jewish women. In this firsthand account, the author describes a dinner at her apartment with a young man on their first date. 

She details their conversation, which she says was “forced on his side,” and before he is about to leave, she asks him about giving her a kiss.

I was a bit perplexed by this. If the date was not going smoothly, as she describes the evening, why would she want a kiss?

I must be from Mars, because it sounded like she was going out with a perfect gentleman.

They ended up sharing a kiss that the author tells us was nice. However, at the end of the day, after analyzing the date, she questioned “whether a relationship could be built on tenderness and mutual affection alone.” 

My response is that the man deserves a second date. 

The author concludes by saying he was sweet and kind, and that she felt sad after parting ways. Maybe so many people are single because they don’t give fate a chance. 

Abigail, I would love to hear about your second date with this “sweet, kind man” who was smitten with you. If nothing else, it would make for a good follow-up article, which I would love to read. 

Good luck.