One Standard For Jews


Although I understand the points made in Gary Rosenblatt’s column, (“Fresh Anger From Diaspora Over Conversion Bill,” July 15), there are two important points to consider:

First, there is no such thing as a “second-class Jew.” Either you are a Jew or are not.

Those non-Jews who choose to convert “not according to halacha” for social or convenience reasons, are still first-class non-Jews, not second-class Jews.

Only Judaism can define who is a Jew. What’s wrong with calling them Jewish sympathizers?

Second, regarding unity, since all Jews would accept converts according to the most stringent requirements — namely, those of the Orthodox — then giving the Orthodox a monopoly on conversion means that there is only one class of Jews. Giving non-Orthodox the power to convert non-Jews means that those who are further to the right religiously cannot accept these “converts” as Jews, splitting the Jewish people.