‘Tis The Seasons


She’s a professional photographer, an exercise and dance instructor, and she even DJs at bat mitzvah parties.

Danielle Jacobs, a Cedarhurst, L.I.-based mom of two, can now add a new credential to the mix: that of branding expert.

When Long Island entrepreneur Mayer Gold announced a “name-my-supermarket” contest, Jacobs submitted several ideas, including Mainstream and Seasoning. But she had a feeling that her favorite entry — Seasons — would take the cake, so to speak. “I kind of liked it the most,” she told The Jewish Week. “If any of them would win, it would be that one. It’s shorter [than Seasoning] and more catchy.”

Seasons (www.seasonsny.com), billed as a kosher gourmet supermarket, is scheduled to open on Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens, at the end of January. The supermarket will replace Supersol and is undergoing renovations to expand the storefront by 2,000 square feet.

Jacobs’ winning entry was one of more than 4,000 that came in. Her prize: a year’s worth of free groceries for her family of four. (a maximum of $100 a week).

“[Seasons] is a nice name with many connotations, including the different times of year and spices,” says Gold. “You don’t have to get so complicated to have a nice name.”

Many of the other names that were suggested had something to do with “kosher.” Others featured a fruit, mimicking the upscale, block-long Pomegranate Supermarket on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, which brought together the terms “kosher” and “gourmet.”

“We don’t want to be the next Pomegranate,” Gold says. “I don’t think Queens is ready for that.”

Meanwhile, Jacobs’ phone has been ringing off the hook. “I’ve started to get phone calls from people saying, ‘I’m opening up a coffee shop. Any ideas?’”