Flaums Not Involved



Your article, “Appetite For Protest At Flaum” (Dec. 17), highlights a number of ongoing labor disputes between Flaum Appetizing Corporation, its owner Moshe Grunhut and his former employees.


As members of the Flaum family and as former owners of Flaum’s Appetizers, we wish to emphasize that effective March 18, 1987, some 23 years ago, Flaum’s Appetizing at 40 Lee Ave. in Brooklyn was sold outright to its present owners, who took over all managerial and financial responsibility for the enterprise.

Since 1987 no family member of the original Flaum’s Appetizing Store ownership has had any financial or any other interest in any Flaum Appetizing business enterprise.

Beverly Flaum

Sander Flaum