Palestinian Demonstrators Breach Israeli-Syrian Border, 4 Killed


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli troops fired on Palestinian demonstrators who attempted to enter Israel through its border with Syria.

At least four infiltrators were reported killed and dozens wounded Sunday as hundreds of Palestinians entered the northern town of Majdal Shams which is located on Israel’s border with Syria.

At least 400 Palestinian infiltrators are said to have entered Israel, while some have put the number as high as 1,000, according to Israeli media reports.

The demonstrations were part of the Arab world’s observance of Nakba Day, or Catastrophe Day, referring to May 15, the day that Israel became a state.

Israeli troops also fired on Palestinian protestors who approached Israel’s border with Gaza, wounding several teens, according to reports.

Thousands of Lebanese citizens also reportedly converged on the area of the security fence with Israel for a demonstration and were pushed back after the Lebanese Army fired warning shots into the air.