Obama Backs Palestinians


It was a week in which President Barack Obama intentionally sandbagged and humiliated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the most anti-Israel speech ever delivered by a sitting American president, delivered moments before the prime minister was set to leave for America. Yet, strangely, Gary Rosenblatt chooses to see Netanyahu as the confrontational one (“Bibi Opts For Confrontation,” Editor’s column, May 27).

It may be time to review some basic facts about the America-Israel relationship. Fact: the United States is Israel’s strongest ally and best friend. Fact: the president of the United States is not. These two facts are not inconsistent.

For Congress, the shared values between America and Israel make the relationship special. Not so for Obama, whose foreign policy requires him to back the “underdog” which, in his view, is the Palestinians. This does not make him an anti-Semite. But it is a reality that the Israeli government and, polls show, a majority of Israelis have begun to acknowledge. It is time for American Jews to do the same.