Obama No Friend


In response to Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “Bibi Opts For Confrontation” (May 27), I must first say that I have always enjoyed his well-considered columns in the past. However, he might value the view of a Canadian, a person who does not have any emotional or psychological connection to the “presidency,” a kind of mystic that I detect in many Americans.

President Barack Obama displays his true colors over and over. He is no friend of Israel, to put it mildly. I believe that Prime Minister Netanyahu was right to send the strong message that Israel will not countenance this game of incremental chipping away at Israel’s position and security. While Obama might have more control over foreign policy than Congress, he must have gotten the message loud and clear from Netanyahu’s speech in Congress that the American public, represented by all of those senators and congressmen and congresswomen, are on Israel’s side. And they see the gross injustice of even talking about pre-1967 borders.

Thank God that we have a strong prime minister of Israel who is ready to stand up to the disaster that we have to deal with in your Obama. Wake up, America.

Victoria, British Columbia