Holocaust Was Unique


I believe the Holocaust is unique in modern history and should be kept as a separate study. (“Muslim Woman To Lead College Holocaust Center,” June 17)

Too many nations, church leaders, etc. actively participated in the sole efforts to kill all the Jews of Europe. It went beyond the genocidal excesses we have read about in most history books and studies. Most genocidal efforts were limited to a specific area or nation. The Holocaust was to kill Jews regardless of national boundaries, belief or even ethnicity.

It defined people as Jews even if they had a tiny bit of "Jewish" blood and were raised as Christians or any other religion. I do not believe that sort of definition existed in most genocidal activities. Jews were defined as if they were a monolithic, identifiable race, as blacks or other identifiableraces are.

That is why the Holocaust was unique.

I am in favor of studying genocide, which could include Jews, but the Holocaust was worldwide to some degree and specifically aimed at Jews with very wide definitions as to who or what a Jew is.

I am not necessarily objecting to a non-Jew studying the Holocaust, but a study of the Holocaust should not include all genocides. It was and remains unique. Its roots and causes were also unique. It would be difficult to find another group in history that could compare.

Ocala. Florida