Unfair Reaction To Weiner


It is true Anthony Weiner’s conduct was inappropriate and immature as were his initial lies (“Like Weiner, District’s Future Now Uncertain,” June 17). It is also true there was no physical contact involved nor did Mr. Weiner commit any crime.

Despite some brashness on his part, he was an effective Congressman who well served his constituency. Calls for his resignation by members of Congress and particularly Democratic leadership more concerned about Republicans backlash were uncalled for.

Republican Newt Gingrich did not resign despite advising his mortally ill wife in her hospital bed he was divorcing her to marry his mistress, and now he is seeking the Presidency. Former President Bill Clinton did not resign over the Monica Lewinsky affair, but he is now revered as an elder statesman.

I am not condoning Mr. Weiner’s personal conduct, but what disturbs me was the Democratic leadership’s interest – more in politics than isolated human frailty. I believe he should not have been pressured by the leadership to resign and do not think he should have resigned. He should have been permitted to complete his term and let his constituency decide if he should continue in office. Sordid politics — Democratic or Republican — do not serve the public’s interest.

Flushing, NY