Bibi Vs. Obama On ’67 Borders


Francine Klagsbrun’s argument in her Opinion piece (“Especially On Mideast Issues, Words Do Matter,” June 10) is similar to the words of Jewish leaders in Germany in 1934. They also believed that it was in the best interest of the Jewish population to work with the new Nazi leadership. In April of 1934 the German government passed the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service. This law prevented Jews from having employment in the German government. This was the beginning of the end for Jews in Europe under the Nazis.

If Israel were to follow in the footsteps of its ancestors and follow what President Barack Obama believes, it would set itself up for annihilation. The statement “Never Again!” should not be just something that was said after the formation of the Jewish state and the many wars with the Arabs. It is what Jews believe, and should believe, in every decision that is made when it involves their survival.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not respond “furiously,” as Klagsbrun stated. Instead, he gave Obama a lesson about the realities of the Mideast and Israel. Do you actually believe the Palestinian leaders would negotiate in a fair and reasonable way? If you do, what has brought you to this conclusion? For that matter, what have any Arab leaders ever said that leads you to this conclusion?

The prime minister is not distorting or disregarding the words of the president. Rather, he is taking the only possible route that is possible to prevent more harm and destruction. There is no going back to the 1967 lines. Israel will do what it needs to despite those who condemn it for protecting itself. There may never be peace in the Mideast, but as long as Israel does what it needs to do to protect itself, it will survive.