Conflating Two Issues


Your editorial, “The Faith Factor” (Sept. 2), unfortunately conflates the issue of support for Israel with support for its policies.

Liberals, including some who are observant Jews, are as committed to Israel’s security, welfare and success as are those of a conservative point of view.

Where liberals differ is in their unwillingness to accept whatever Israel’s government does or says as marching orders for American Jewry. They would argue that AIPAC, “Commentary” and the ZOA, among others, who beat the drums for Israel’s policies (provided, of course those policies are of a hardline nature), are not necessarily espousing policies in Israel’s own best interest.

To gain the future, rather than relive the past (with all due respect to Santanyana’s dictum), constructive criticism from Israel’s best friend and its Jewish citizens are the more likely guarantor of its future security and success.

Samuel B. Cohen
Forest Hills, Queens