Buy Israel Week


We don’t dwell in Israel, but we sure dwell on it. We gloat. (Nobel Prizes!) We kvetch (Sabras!). We worry. (Flotillas!) Most of us are probably convinced that we can’t do much more than think about Israel, beyond writing a check, say, or boarding a plane every once in a while. But there is something more we can do. We can buy Israel.

There are those who work to undermine Israel’s right to exist. One of ways they do it is by boycotting Israeli products. You counteract this movement when you buy Israel, and urge others to do the same. Not everyone can shape decisions made at the United Nations or on Capitol Hill, but anyone can make a conscious decision to support the state when shopping.

This will be particularly easy later this month during Buy Israel Week (Nov. 28-Dec. 4), when merchants across the country will offer deals on Israeli products to buyers who download coupons from the Buy Israel website (

The Jewish Week is proud to be a partner in this initiative, which we hope is just the beginning of a new, more powerful wave of support for the state through its exports: its apparel and edibles and cosmetics. The country is home to several world-leading brands. Consumers need make no sacrifices in terms of quality in order to support Israel with their wallet.

So let’s treat ourselves to Israel. It is that something more we can do, and it has the advantage of something we can do on an almost daily basis: more often than writing a check, although maybe not as often as worrying.