Non-Kosher Article


As a regular reader I was disappointed by the article "Savoring Hummus (And More) In Abu Gosh" (Dec. 2 supplement). While I realize that the majority of your readers do not keep kosher, I am saddened that your newspaper would choose to publicize and promote treife [non-kosher] restaurants in an Arab-Israeli town near Jerusalem.

I have been to Israel many times and have eaten in dozens of wonderful kosher restaurants in Jerusalem and elsewhere. Why not sing the praises of those establishments? Why devote space to eateries that are open on Shabbat and serve non-kosher meat?

In the same issue, you include an article about Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, who says, “You never lose anything by putting Yiddishkeit first.” He adds, “Non-Jews respect Jews who respect Judaism. And non-Jews are embarrassed by Jews who are embarrassed by Judaism.”

Follow Rabbi Sacks’ advice and put Yiddishkeit first.

Lawrence, L.I.