Soviet Refugees From Nazis To Get Hardship Payments


One-time Hardship Fund payments of about $3,300 will now be available to certain Jews who fled areas of the Soviet Union ahead of the advancing Nazi army and whose homes were never occupied. Those eligible will include certain Jews who fled from Moscow, Stalingrad and Leningrad during specific time periods.

It is the first time that the experiences of these Jews who fled for their lives from the Nazis is being recognized by Germany, according to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, which negotiated for the payments. Nazi victims still living in former Soviet block countries are not eligible for the payment.

Hardship Fund payments are also now being made available to eligible applicants who never received German reparations and were citizens of certain Western European countries at the time of Nazi persecution and also at the time of that country's Global Agreement with Germany.

In addition, a one-time payment of about $2,500 is for the first time being paid to those born in 1928 or later who lived in former Soviet bloc countries, whose parents were murdered due to Nazi persecution and who have never received any German reparations.

To apply, call 646-536-9100.