Unspoken Testimony


In the article on Rav Bina, Gorsetman and Rosenblatt ask a rhetorical question: “But some are wondering why, indeed, Netiv Aryeh is so popular, with an estimated 110 first-year and 60 second-year American students … Why do families, deeply concerned about the emotional, educational and spiritual well-being of their children, continue to send their sons to study with Rav Bina when his controversial reputation is so well known?”

Perhaps the answer to that rhetorical question is not what the authors would have expected. Maybe the 170 who are voting with their feet are studying at that yeshiva because they and their parents regard Rav Bina as a wonderful educator who is not perfect. After all, who is?

Why does The Jewish Week highlight the testimony of a few aggrieved students over the unstated but nevertheless very real testimony of the thousands of students who have studied with Rav Bina over the past 30 years or more? Is their testimony to be considered invalid, inaccurate or misguided? I hope the unspoken voice of these thousands will save the reputation of a man who has devoted his entire life to the education of American Jewish boys.

Rabbi, Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun Principal, Ramaz School

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