Smiling With Rav Bina


Rav Bina abused other boys, and I smiled as hard as I could, trying to show him that I was his friend. Rav Bina said in shiur [class] that the only good homosexual is a dead homosexual, that the Skokie Yeshiva has killed more Jewish souls than the Holocaust, and to one boy he said, “God hates you,” and I smiled as hard as I could, praying that he would not pick on me next.

Rav Bina threw my friend Eli out of yeshiva in the first month just to show us he was boss, and I stood by and smiled as hard as I could so that I would not be next.

Rav Bina doesn’t have charisma, as The Jewish Week article stated. He has power. And he loves to use it and abuse it. It is shameful that leading rabbis support him, thinking that his behavior is a necessary and acceptable technique to “keep boys frum.” Do they prefer Jewish rituals over Jewish values? It is disgraceful that his victims are viewed as merely a price to be paid for having a “quality” year-abroad yeshiva program — as if there aren’t dozens of real quality yeshivot in Israel.

Rav Bina never abused me, because I always smiled at his “antics.” And yet somehow I feel abused.