Women To Strut Their Stuff In Beit Shemesh


The Israeli town of Beit Shemesh will hold a SlutWalk later this month.

Inspired by the series of demonstrations that have proliferated in North America in the past year, in which scantily clad women take to the streets to protest sexual violence and a “blame the victim” mentality, the Beit Shemesh organizers plan to reveal their necks and ankles, and are even considering wearing skirts and dresses that are not black.

“Some of the married women are talking about wearing hats or snoods that expose a little bit of their hair, but that may be pushing things a bit too far,” said Shira Stockings, one of the organizers.

Activists are still debating whether exposed wrists will be permissible, or if that might overly stimulate male onlookers.