Too Easy On Beinart


Look what Gary Rosenblatt got for conferring undeserved status and a “fair” report on Israel-basher Peter Beinart – a kick in the teeth.  (“JW Review ‘Disservice’ To Readers,” Opinion by Peter Beinart, March 30).

When will Rosenblatt and our leaders learn how the radical J Street crowd works? –Attack and demonize anyone who doesn’t completely support them.

Beinart is so far off the curve that he trashes one of the most widely respected American Jewish leaders, the American Jewish Committee’s David Harris, while invoking as his reference New York Times’ columnist Roger Cohen, who sanitizes Iran, demonizes Israel and invokes the anti-Semitic Jewish money slur as the reason for Congress’ support of Israel. 

Beinart’s solution for the 300,000 Israeli residents of the territories is BDS and/or “move,” even though it is commonly accepted that a peace treaty will result in land swaps. His malicious accusations about Israel reflect the propaganda of the Israel bashers on campus, in the media, at the UN and elsewhere.