To Israel, With Love


Dear Eretz Zavat Chalav U'Dvash,
You gave us hearth;
a land flowing with Jewish culture,
with Jewish pride.

Dear Promised Land,
Though God's words were softly spoken,
your promises were never broken.
You taught us faith.

Dear Eretz Yisrael,
You give us a wall to pray to,
a land to learn of,
the centerpiece of our religion.

Dear Midinat Yisrael,
With your song of hope,
our battle-cries ended, the flag raised
made us independent.

Dear Palestine,
We can't be right,
always, everywhere, anytime,
but we can all love.

Dear Israel,
With song and dance,
and tears and chants,
we make you our home in our hearts.

Yesterday we remembered all we gave you.
Today we remember all you gave us.
A true relationship.

With hope and trust and eternal devotion
may it never be broken,
and our candles always burn for the past
and gleam of the future.

Yom Huledet Sameach, Israel, a land of many names, many meanings and much joy.