Christian Mistreatment


I was surprised regarding your editorial on the “60 Minutes” show on Christians in Israel (“‘60 Minutes’ Flat, April 27). I watched the show and was appalled that Israeli diplomats did the unthinkable —they wanted to censor an American news show.

And they are also wrong about the treatment of Christians —Christians are leaving Israel not due to Muslims but because of the Israeli occupation. Christians have no hope for a future after university or technical school for any career in Israel so they come to America. Michigan, for example, has one of the largest Palestinian communities in the world outside of Palestine.

It is not Muslim prejudice. That could be a problem in the future, but today, on the ground, it is Israel’s occupation and perhaps, the Palestinian Authority’s mishandling of the economy. True, it is not entirely Israel’s fault, but unlike Iraq, Nigeria and Egypt, it is also not Muslim’s fault.

Newtonville, Mass.